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Licensed • Bonded • Insured • Certified

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Crawl Space Cleanup

If you have water in your crawl space due to flooding or a busted or leaky pipe, you need to dry out that crawl space. Moisture can lead to foundation problems, as well as health concerns. We can help you with your crawl space cleanup.

Water, especially sewage, can make a crawlspace unusable and a health hazard. Spores of mildew can form from in the standing water, which also doubles as a breeding ground for insects and small vermin. Bacteria, weakened drywall, rotten wood, and damaged electrical lines are also a concern. Fortunately, our crawl space cleanup can help you repair an important part of your house before it gets worse.

Nevada Water and Fire Restoration certified technicians offer 24/7 emergency service for crawl space cleanup and drying. Give us a call today at 775-856-6666.

Crawl Space Cleanup and Dryout Steps

Step 1
The first step of crawl space cleanup is to remove all wet materials and personal belongings from the space. We use sump pumps to remove any standing water, and negative air movers to suck out remaining moisture from the crawl space back into the environment.

Step 2
Next we inspect the vapor barrier, a thick, plastic liner which sits on top of the dirt to keep the moisture in the ground and not in your crawl space. This can be damaged in the event of a flood and might require replacement.

Step 3
After the area has dried, we spray everything down with an anti-microbial spray to prevent growth and further contamination.

Our Flooded Crawl Space Cleanup Services Include:

  • Direct Insurance Company Billing
  • 30-minute average response time
  • 24-hour emergency water pump out services
  • Complete structural drying and dehumidification
  • Sanitizing and deodorization
  • 24-hour emergency sewage pump out services, sewage clean-up and remediation
  • Mildew removal
  • Soda blasting
  • Crawl Space vapor barrier replacement
  • Complete repairs after cleaning crawl space is completed
  • 3rd party testing (to guarantee remediation efforts were successful)
  • IICRC, ACAC and AMIAQ Certified

Nevada Water and Fire Restoration Company treats every property as though it is our own. We will also deal with water and fire damage, contact us for more information or quote.

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Crawl Space Cleanup and Dryout